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Our purpose is to develop self-aware communities


Now a days our way of life leads us to "do" without questioning or stopping

On the way, we have distanced ourselves from who we are by the idea of who we should be, limiting our freedom and the possibility of living fully.

At Jacobs & Jacobs

We believe that it is necessary that people, organizations and groups take up this connection and take charge of modeling and rebuilding the way they want to live.

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Our Methodology

1. Explore

Look as if everything was
new, so we can answer
what is there that maybe
we have overlooked?

2. Dis-cover

connect the dots and have those “aha!” moments of insight

3. Transform

and now, what do we do with this? How do I/we want to be? Where to go from here? We create a plan.

4. Incorporate

Develop capacities and internal resources to give sustainability to the transformation process through time

Viera Stenning Jacobs y
Joaquin Barrios Jacobs

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