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Grow up? Me? Done it!!

By: Joaquin y Viera

Adults often think that they have already passed that stage, assuming, that they did their growing up when they were children or teenagers and now that they are adults they are done, ready… Ready for What?

When I read Julia Kristeva, French psychoanalyst, I loved the idea she develops regarding THE REVOLT and the importance of maintaining it burning and alive. She states that questioning is the only possible way of thinking and an indicative of LIFE being really ALIVE.

For her the revolt is a permanent starting over; its going over what we have already been through, looking at things from a different place and with added experience. She also talks about mental health and states that to find it, it’s absolutely necessary we find the time and space to revolt: to break, reminisce and re-do.

The revolt is that permanent questioning of oneself, which is not necessarily easy or pleasant, at least not while it´s in process as it implicates abandoning a part of us and replacing it with something else to confront the new and unknown, the fear “don’t know” but with the possibility to learn and transform ourselves.

So, I believe this has to be a part of growing up, don’t you think? Questioning what we have learned (without being too conscious about it) from our parents and society, while we create our own ideas, paths and objectives. Saying that, questioning can be difficult in a society that leads us to do what is supposed to be adequate or what it expects from us.

Albeit, we can ask ourselves questions that invite us to question and question ourselves, extending our consciousness to generate and live sensible experiences of revolt and re-creation generating internal revolts.

These are the 4 indicators that can determine that you are on your way to a revolt. Indicators that you are growing up!

  1. You are more conscious of your behavior
  2. It’s important for you to be happier
  3. You understand that the road is more important than the finishing line
  4. You undertake your tasks calmly and with consciousness

If you feel you need a professional to help you on the road to the revolt or accompany and enjoy with you what you’ve already started, write to us, as we will be happy to be of help.