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Leaders can also be afraid

By: Administrador

There is a common misconception and stereotyping of leaders being depicted as superior beings where everything has already been accomplished and therefore find themselves at an unreachable level. You can see success and recognition, most probably deserved and real. But nevertheless, in many occasions what is not visible even to the actual Leader is that they are people susceptible to greater feelings of fear and anguish due to the responsibility and role they may hold.

How do we project the security and confidence the team requires without denying the fear factor? It would seem difficult to do both at the same time. “Go ahead, don’t be scared” a common saying, but how many people invite you to walk with them, going forwards despite the fear, side by side, not letting it paralyze you.

During a selection process for a leaders position the manager asked the final 2 candidates: Are you scared of the challenge ahead of you?  The first one said yes, and the second one had an emphatic NO for an answer. Guess who the manager picked for the position? The first one. Fear warns us that there is something we have to look after and protect, that maybe important changes are on the way, implicating that we may have to leave things behind and face new opportunities.

Therefore, when we are in contact with and confront fear, we give it space, learn from it, we visualize what really matters and what we want to look after, bringing to the surface all our best resources to confront successfully all the challenges ahead. A Leader who embraces his fears and works along side them will really overcome his challenges, exceed expectations and will be able to lead his team through uncertainty.

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