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Jacobs & Jacobs is a consultancy firm
with a young and family-like spirit

Joaquin and I, directors of this consultancy firm, are bonded by our maternal last name and the relationships nourished in our family through the years. Like many others, our ancestors came to Peru looking for new opportunities, dealing also with big challenges. Jacobs family had to transform several times to adapt to a new and changing environment, searching for ways to move forward and having a positive impact in the community on the way.

It is from this essence that Jacobs & Jacobs emerges, a consultancy firm for organizational and social development that believes in the necessity of looking inwards to expand consciousness and being able to impact positively in society, generating profound transformations that lead to personal and collective well-being.

We dream and work to generate self-aware communities in the various populations with which we work: individuals, organizations and groups. We love what we do and we deeply believe in the process.

Executive Director

Our purpose is to
develop self-aware

We believe that...

Now a days our way of life leads us to “do” without questioning or stopping.  On the way, we have distanced ourselves from who we are by the idea of who we should be, limiting our freedom and the possibility of living fully

We believe that it is necessary that people, organizations and groups take up this connection and take charge of modeling and rebuilding the way they want to live

We are how we want to be

In this changing world, overloaded with information, we believe that being true to oneself and our essence is crucial to define ourselves and have a steady ground to face the challenges life throws at us.

Everything we do, we do it with love

We firmly believe that everything may and should be done from the heart, taking care of the people and structures involved in the processes. In that way, we can move forward with trust and confidence.

We lay everything on the table

Not only because we value honesty, but because of the fact that whatever we miss when speaking out will eventually manifest itself in other forms, affecting our way of thinking, acting and feeling. Laying everything on the table allows us to be accountable and expand our boundaries.

We are concerned about your reality

Each person, organizations or group has their own rhythms and necessities. We focus on understanding and connecting with that reality so that we can visualize and co-create the path towards the intended goals.

Our values are part of everything we do

Meet us

Viera Stenning Jacobs

Executive director

Clinical psychologist and Psychoanalytic psychotherapist
Master degree on higher education and educational management
Organizational consultant
University Lecturer

Joaquín Barrios Jacobs

Innovation director

Clinical psychologist
Co-founder and Academic director of SOPREP, Society of Relational and Psychoanalytic Psychodrama
Specialized in Organizational intervention
Master degree on higher education and educational management
Diploma on Mindfulness and Wellbeing