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Our Methodology

1. Explore

Look as if everything was
new, so we can answer
what is there that maybe
we have overlooked?

2. Dis-cover

connect the dots and have those “aha!” moments of insight

3. Transform

and now, what do we do with this? How do I/we want to be? Where to go from here? We create a plan.

4. Incorporate

Develop capacities and internal resources to give sustainability to the transformation process through time

Our focus

Our methodology is based on psychoanalytic thinking and systems theory, which focus on discovery and transformation. This approach allows facilitating and accompanying the client in their change process, aiming at awareness, transformation and sustainability.


We believe that every person has the right to live from and through his/her own essence, even though we understand that this is not a simple or easy process since it demands to look within and face whatever we have learned and built. That’s why we walk individuals through the process of personal transformation.

With this we get to:

  • Expand awareness
  • Be accountable of what is ours
  • Find balance and well-being

Organizations and groups

We think of organizations and groups as communities with a common purpose that are able to promote awareness and well-being in themselves and in those around them, from an individual and his family to society.

With this we get to:

  • Identify the forces and energies that move every group of people, motivate their behavior, and the connection with their goals and results.
  • Understand the underlying structures that exist in every group and make them who they are.
  • Develop the capacity to act effectively and with awareness.
  • Impact positively on creativity, productivity, and efficiency in any working group.
  • Improve capacities such as strategic thinking, leadership, and management in changing and uncertain environments.
  • Develop a deep comprehension of organizational culture and structures.

Social and community work

Part of our responsibility is to develop encounters and scenarios that make it possible for society and community members to reflect, analyze, and be more aware. We do this by applying socio-analysis and sociometry to different scenarios. By doing this, we have the intention of providing people the chance to connect between them, explore common topics, identify and work through boundaries or limitations, contribute with new ideas and promote change and transformation towards the well-being of everyone in a sustainable way.

With this we get to work on:

  • Conflict comprehension and resolution
  • Social management as well as the management of resources
  • Strengthening leadership and representative roles