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¿What’s our role as psychologists in organizations?

By: Joaquin y Viera

It is very common in Peru to see psychologists in organizations concentrating in selection and training processes. It is a fact that while studying for our degrees our notion of the actual day to day, hands on experience as psychologists seemed monotonous or even a bit boring to us and that’s probably why, in part, we chose to specialize in clinical psychology.

Nevertheless, in time we started to discover a great number of issues psychologists in organizations had to attend and contribute to, specifically in relation to human relationships and interaction. People spend 8 hours a day (on average) working at their work centers (companies, organizations, offices, factories, etc.) !8! hours. Nearly all of our day is spent there, which brings us to think that this space should be one that adds and not only at the end of the month on pay day, but on a day-to-day basis; it should be a space that contributes to our equilibrium and personal growth, but unfortunately it is not always the way.

Presently we encounter exhaustion due to work loads and lack of personal contact. The typical factors that used to overload us are supplemented by personal, family and even social factors. Nevertheless, the effort people are exerting to maintain their jobs these days is equal or even greater than ever. So, we ask ourselves ¿How much responsibility do organizations assume in all this? ¿Do these organizations have a structure and mechanism in place to look after their people, see how they are, how do they feel, what is happening in their lives? We think most organizations don’t have this mechanism in place or at least not at the level that is really required.

As psychologists, we study the mind and human conduct, that is, we know people and our task is to understand them and help them to be aware and conscious of themselves thereby finding the best paths for personal growth. ¿Why treat groups of people that are spending 8 hours a day in a work center? In a way, its paradoxical that the main capital an organization has and depends on, is not taken care of; or at least not as organizations look after their clients. We have an amazing opportunity here to provide wellness, emotional and mental health to the greatest asset an organization has, we are obviously talking about the people who make possible the existence of the organization.

If you believe there are still related issues to undertake in your organization and have the opportunity to enhance wellness in your collaborators please do not hesitate and write to us, so that together we can create a turnkey structure and process to ensure the wellbeing of your teams.


Viera & Joaquin